About Anastazy

Hi tasty shoppers I’m Anastazy,

Anastazy's Favourite Things Is a list perfect for gift-giving, for yourself or others.

 My mission is to bring you my personal best’s, a list of quality products answering my taste and selective criteria’s in term of sleek design, aesthetics, durability and practicability.

Sourced from my extensive professional experience in fashion merchandising where I worked with prestigious retail brands, mixed with my attention to details gives me an eye to pick and choose only the finest items. Also, my various travel experience, my knowledge of arts and culture opens a world of good taste and a broad sense of trends that I want to bring you. This list is bound to elevate your home and wardrobe.  

 Stop wasting time on fastidious roller blind shopping, simplify your life and enjoy the fruits of my extensive researches of the ultimate products available.

With love, Anastazy