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Is your closet overwhelmingly messy or dull? Are you stuck pairing the same shirts and pants, because that’s what fits and is safe? Then You know it’s time to get help!

Every good closet should allow the owner the flexibility to mix and match
multiple pieces of clothing to create several different looks.

Jade Style will meet you where it all starts – in your closet. Our job is to help our clients refresh and build on their existing wardrobe and eliminate outdated, damaged pieces and anything you haven’t worn in years, making way for new items that reflect who you are today. We make certain that the garments that we keep fit and flatter you and help you feel confident and polished.


  1. We will go through every piece of clothing in your closet, from shirts to shoes to belts and help you choose what to keep, alter, donate, or sell.
  2. Once we decide on what stays and what goes, we can start on your fresh new look showing you new ways to wear old favourites and share Jade Style’s accessorizing secrets!
  3. Next, a prioritized shopping list of new clothes and accessories is created to maximize your current wardrobe. You can purchase new items as part of our Edit Package or over time, always staying in line with your lifestyle and your budget!
  4. After your consultation,“donate” pile is created for your chosen charity and a tax receipt will be mailed to you, if you wish!  Easy as that.

    $350 Base Charge ($75/hour after the initial two hours)

The package includes your Personal Style Profile, seasonal shopping list, covering two seasons Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter with each edit. We can usually cover an entire seasonal wardrobe in two hours, although large wardrobes may take longer.


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