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With our image conscious expert eyes, we will help you create an entire wardrobe based on your needs, budget and lifestyle for a fresh, modern and unique look.

We can define your style and update your wardrobe virtually. No matter your location or schedule, JADE Style Group can help.




First impressions matter. When meeting someone for the first time, your appearance, hair, wardrobe, and grooming are as important as your smile. When you project and image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in both business and social relationships and the right wardrobe can help you feel and appear more confident.

SHOP OPTION 1: Jade Style Group shops with you!

We will design a shopping trip custom-tailored for your lifestyle and your budget; show you how to shop smart; where to splurge and where to save; covering all the bases with your personalized list of wardrobe essentials.  With our guidance, you’ll end the shopping trip with great pieces that work for you and that will make you feel stylish a confident for years to come, all within your budget.

$450 flat rate for 3 hours ($75/hour for each additional hour)

The package includes New Wardrobe Summary, with suggestions of how to wear new pieces, emailed after the appointment. The average shopping trip lasts 2-3 hours, usually covering an entire seasonal wardrobe update in 3 hours or less.

SHOP OPTION 2: Jade Style Group shops for you!

Jade Style Group does all the work without you having to step a foot in the mall. Your new clothes are delivered to your doorstep, and a personal fitting takes place in the comfort of your own home. Returns and exchanges are included in the price.

$700 Base charge

The package includes a two-hour in-home personal fitting (after shopping), returns/exchanges and a New Wardrobe Summary with suggestions of how to wear new pieces, emailed after the appointment.

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